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Organizational Change Management (OCM)

When corporate organizations, businesses, or government entities transition from old to new business processes, IT systems, or make leadership changes, a structured approach is needed to shift individuals, teams, and organizational entities from their current state to a desired future state, while improving organizational effectiveness and business performance.

The Organizational Change Management (OCM) process empowers individuals within an organization to accept, embrace, and implement changes within their current working environment.

As part of this process, a solid stakeholder engagement, communications, and training strategy are needed to help members of an organization gain awareness of and adopt the new behaviors, skills, and business processes that are put in place as part of the OCM process. 

Our Gen Global geniuses are skilled at developing OCM strategies, stakeholder engagement tactics, communications, and training tactics aimed at meeting your OCM and overarching organizational goals.

Gen Global Solutions


Whether it’s strategic or tactical communications, our Gen Global geniuses can help you turn your organizational ambitions into reality. We help organizations across different industries understand who their audiences are, and how and where they can be reached via cross-channel communication solutions. Our team members are well-versed at developing communications strategies and plans, and helping organizations execute the day-to-day tactics aimed at meeting their communications goals and objectives. Our expertise covers business communications, technology communications, speechwriting, public affairs, media relations, congressional and legislative affairs, and strategic communications.


Our seasoned training staff members are recognized for their ability to partner with leadership to align training and content development strategies with business needs. This alignment is aimed at achieving performance goals, leading organizational change, and engaging employees. Whether you need training collateral development (user guides, job aids, online training) or training delivery (virtual, face-to-face and instructor-led), our GEN Global team can help you accomplish your goals. Our team has extensive experience developing training strategies and tactics for various global corporate and government organizations.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are internal or external individuals or groups who have an interest in your initiative and are often impacted by any related changes. Our team can help you map and identify your key stakeholder groups, engage them constructively and ultimately, develop sustained and productive cooperation that helps progress the goals and objectives of your organization. We will help you research key stakeholder drivers, identify risks and opportunities, formulate strategies, and employ marketing, communication and outreach collateral aimed at enhancing engagement with your stakeholders to derive positive, holistic outcomes.

Diversity Training

Diversity training has become extremely important in today’s modern workplace. A look at recent events alone and numerous protests against racial injustice and racism show that there is an increasing spark in global conversations about what organizations can do to address racism in the workplace, and create a more diverse and inclusive culture. 

Diversity training explores the concepts of racial identity, racism, diversity, inclusion, sensitivity and unconscious bias in today’s workplace. A lack of diversity in the workplace can have negative consequences across your organization, from increasing the risk of harassment to being a barrier to recruitment and retention. 

Our team will partner with you to help your staff understand the many benefits of an inclusive culture and help you develop a team that sets a positive example for treating everyone with civility and respect, and promoting a respectful workplace culture.

Branding, Marketing & Multimedia Services

Our creative team can help you brand and market your small business in style. You do not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get a website built or market your products. We offer simple but customized branding, marketing, and multimedia services, including:

  • Website development and design (search engine optimized and mobile-friendly)
  • Development of key messages for your organization
  • Marketing campaign collateral (business cards, logos, publications)
  • Content Development (web content, press releases, social media content)
  • Graphics, videos and webcast development and support

Your business needs a strong brand and identity and the solicitation of a dedicated customer base. Our geniuses work collaboratively with our clients to understand their unique needs and find solutions to their marketing needs. We will develop marketing campaigns for targeted audiences to ensure message delivery, and employ tools and technologies derived from industry best practices to develop exceptional marketing programs.

Program and Project Management

Translating program vision, goals and objectives into executable operational plans is the underlying premise of successful program and project management. Our team will apply proven program and project management techniques to manage program performance while controlling program and project scope, risk, cost and schedule performance.

Complex, large-scale projects and programs are unique in terms of their requirements, scope, and priorities. Our approach is to consider each project as a distinct entity, integrating each component from a holistic perspective. Whether you are considering using the Agile or Waterfall methodology, or a hybrid approach for your IT project, our GEN Global team can help you accomplish your objectives. We do not stop there. We provide our clients with management, logistical, operational, financial analysis and the administrative support needed to successfully execute each program or project.

Recruiting & Staffing

Our team specializes in a 360-degree talent acquisition process, including recruiting and sourcing, onboarding, retention, and talent development. We have extensive expertise in providing highly specialized and innovative talent acquisition services to Fortune 500 companies, corporate entities, commercial, public and government agencies, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individual clients.

Through the extensive relationships we have built with seasoned experts across the globe, we are able to help you supplement your team with diverse and talented resources in the organizational change management, training, communications, information technology and program/project management fields. We can also serve as your business partners as you work to achieve your goals. Whatever your needs are, the GEN Global team or one of our partner companies can help you meet those needs